In this MC2 spinoff, the next generation of heroes find themselves in a new dawning era. It is the year 2032 and the apocalypse of their universe has been averted. Focus now has been set again on finding more universes in need of their help.

Most of the known heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe have retired or met death’s grasp. Their children and those coming into their own abilities take up the mantel. Some simply to follow in their parents footsteps others torn from the world they knew to a life they only dreamed about. That dream though to some is considered a nightmare.

After a battle that left half the Avengers dead and the rest ended up disbanding. They set out into retirement but Tony Stark created an android should need of Iron Man come about again. Jubilee tried to reform the group but failed at the attempt. Later though with the help the android Mainframe a new group of Avengers bands together.

The X-Men and Brotherhood are torn apart in a battle of epic proportions. It all came to head when the X-Men were at their weakest. An internal conflict that festered within the ranks broke up the group, some even turning on those they once called friends. Magneto led the assault to pick off the remaining team. The battle though took his life and Professor X.

With the failed attempt at assembling the Avengers Jubilee went on to reform a new group of X-men, the X-People. Together they try to take up the cause that Professor X stood for. It’s not easy though especially when a new Brotherhood now called Sisterhood is formed on a foundation of betrayal of some of the team in the works to become new X-People.

Focus now has been set again on finding more universes in need of their help.

In their efforts new alliances will be formed, families will grow or be torn apart; exploration of uncivilized worlds, worlds at war, worlds at peace.

The possibilities are endless when exploring an infinite amount of universes.

OPENING SEPTEMBER 23rd! Submit your applications today!




Daniel Ketch aka Ghost Rider

Suggested playby:
Sean Patrick Flanery

Brief Bio:

Danny and Barbara did not remember their father. They only knew Mrs. Ketch as their mother. On Barbara’s 10th birthday, Dan noticed a strange woman watching them. It was Naomi Kale, who left after being confronted by a police officer who was a friend of the family. The officer’s daughter Stacy and Dan had a romantic relationship.

While looking for the grave of Harry Houdini, Barbara and Danny Ketch mistakenly ran into rival gangs, one led by Deathwatch. Barbara was shot during the ensuing firefight. Danny carried his sister and felt a strange medallion on his motorcycle was calling to him. He touched it and became Ghost Rider, taking vengeance on the gangs. Barbara was taken to a hospital, but was later killed by Blackout, who sought revenge on the Ghost Rider for burning up his face (an injury Blackout actually had himself to blame for) and had learned Daniel’s secret identity.

John Blaze confronted this new being thinking Zarathos had returned. It was later revealed that this incarnation was not Zarathos, and that Blaze and Ketch were brothers.

Marvel Tumblr has an opening for this slot. Get ready to role play alongside heroes and villains he’s already came across, such as: Johnny Blaze, Roxanne Simpson, Wolverine, Nick Fury, Deadpool, Johnny Storm, and many new faces!



C | Frank Castle aka The Punisher

Vigilante; former Special Forces instructor, U.S. Marines
Suggested playby: Thomas Jane

Are you a fan of the Army of One? Well look no further. Marvel Tumblr has an opening for this slot. Get ready to role play alongside heroes and villains he’s already came across, such as: Daredevil, Spider-man, Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Elektra Natchios, Norman Osborn, Daken and many new faces!

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Full character list.


Opening May 24th! Submit applications as early as May 19.

102,394,205 anomalies and counting.

The universe was altered in an instant. The Incident remains unexplained. In a fraction of a second a splintered wormhole spread across galaxies. Now the world of Marvel will never be the same. No being withstood the aftereffects, not the Mutants, the humans, nor the aliens. Some of the old are young again, remembering nothing of the past several decades. Others are older, from futures unknown and dark. Dozens are seemingly back from the dead, suddenly reappearing in the homes they had once left behind. Stranger still are the beings from universes where mysterious, gothic metropolises reigned. While the planets rotate on, largely unbothered by this strange event, everything is different. The timeline has been corrupted. There is no going back. Those of this all new and all different universe must learn to live with the changes. But the hardest future ahead is for those that remained untouched. Friends think themselves enemies, lovers torn apart by what was forgotten, superheroes felled by their loss, felled villains on the rise again. Now is the time of the MARVELOUS.

  • Set in the modern Marvel 616 universe but with a twist!
  • Canon and original characters allowed, as well as characters from brands like DC or Dark Horse.
  • Play any Marvel universe character plucked from whichever point in their timeline you choose. Or pick up a character from an alternate universe.
  • Same goes for other brand comic book characters. Start them from any point, place, and time.
  • Includes all aspects of the Marvel Universe including supernatural creatures, Mutants, mutates, magic users, aliens - what’s your poison?
  • Join whichever faction holds your interest - from the newly reformed Brotherhood to the Avengers.
  • Site-wide events including a bi-monthly Hunger Games-esque Mojoverse contest for crazy prizes! (Talking, flying, super-intelligent cat anyone?)
  • Pairing and ship friendly. Want to try out one of your favorite Marvel crackships? Feel free to here!
  • No uber-knowledge of comic books necessary, though we do ask for research to be done on canons before applying for them. A simple wiki visit will do!



Welcome to the Marvel Tumblr Masterlist. This is a roleplay encompassing the Marvel Superhero Movies, comics, cartoons, just the whole Marvel Universe! We’re just out to have a fun Roleplay. Join us! You’re more than welcome! 

We’re open now, feel free to send in your applications! Right now these are the characters we are seeking but if you don’t see it on the list feel free to apply if the character spot isn’t opened yet.

  • Alex Summers – Havok
  • Alison Blaire – Dazzler
  • Barbara “Bobbi” – Mockingbird
  • Charles Xavier – Professor X
  • Cletus Kasady – Carnage
  • Daniel Rand-K’ai (Danny Rand) – Iron Fist
  • Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock – Psylocke
  • Eric Brooks – Blade
  • Erik Lehnsherr - Magneto
  • Foggy Nelson
  • Frank Castle – The Punisher
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Harry Osborn – Green Goblin
  • Hank Pym - Ant-Man
  • Heracles
  • Hisako Ichiki – Armor
  • James Barnes – Bucky/Winter Soldier
  • Jean-Paul Beaubier – Northstar
  • Jessica Drew – Spider-woman
  • Joanna Cargill - Frenzy
  • Johnny Storm – Human Torch
  • Jubilation Lee (Jubilee)
  • Lorna Dane – Polaris
  • Luke Cage
  • Marc Spector – Moon Knight
  • Mary Alice Walker – Typhoid Mary
  • Mary-Jane Watson
  • Maya Lopez – Echo
  • Mayday Parker – Spider-girl
  • Misty Knight
  • Namor McKenzie
  • Nathan Summers – Cable
  • Otto Octavius – Doctor Octopus
  • Paige Guthrie – Husk
  • Paladin
  • Pietro Maximoff – Quicksilver
  • Scott Summers –Cyclops
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • Shang-Chi
  • Silver Sablinova - Silver Sable
  • Stephen Strange - Doctor Strange
  • Venom
  • Victor Creed – Sabertooth
  • Viper
  • Warren Worthington III – Angel/Archangel
  • Wilson Fisk  - Kingpin

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