Opening May 24th! Submit applications as early as May 19.

102,394,205 anomalies and counting.

The universe was altered in an instant. The Incident remains unexplained. In a fraction of a second a splintered wormhole spread across galaxies. Now the world of Marvel will never be the same. No being withstood the aftereffects, not the Mutants, the humans, nor the aliens. Some of the old are young again, remembering nothing of the past several decades. Others are older, from futures unknown and dark. Dozens are seemingly back from the dead, suddenly reappearing in the homes they had once left behind. Stranger still are the beings from universes where mysterious, gothic metropolises reigned. While the planets rotate on, largely unbothered by this strange event, everything is different. The timeline has been corrupted. There is no going back. Those of this all new and all different universe must learn to live with the changes. But the hardest future ahead is for those that remained untouched. Friends think themselves enemies, lovers torn apart by what was forgotten, superheroes felled by their loss, felled villains on the rise again. Now is the time of the MARVELOUS.

·         Set in the modern Marvel 616 universe but with a twist!

·         Canon and original characters allowed, as well as characters from brands like DC or Dark Horse.

·         Play any Marvel universe character plucked from whichever point in their timeline you choose. Or pick up a character from an alternate universe.

·         Same goes for other brand comic book characters. Start them from any point, place, and time.

·         Includes all aspects of the Marvel Universe including supernatural creatures, Mutants, mutates, magic users, aliens - what’s your poison?

·         Join whichever faction holds your interest - from the newly reformed Brotherhood to the Avengers.

·         Site-wide events including a bi-monthly Hunger Games-esque Mojoverse contest for crazy prizes! (Talking, flying, super-intelligent cat anyone?)

·         Pairing and ship friendly. Want to try out one of your favorite Marvel crackships? Feel free to here!

·         No uber-knowledge of comic books necessary, though we do ask for research to be done on canons before applying for them. A simple wiki visit will do!